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A Critical High Jumping Mistake 75% of Jumpers Make

Hey Jumpers,

This is a pretty deep topic to cover, so I may have to spread this out over two emails, but I'll do my best to get as much stuff into this one as possible that you can start using today.

Chances are you, like I, have heard this before:

"If you'd arch more in the air you'd have it..."

The trick is, you can be an amazing jumper with a rod up your back. Instead of "arching" what you should be doing is raising your hips.

Interestingly enough, the most recent jumper to fill out the progress survey I sent out last week is someone with a goal PR or 7'. Nearly 60 jumpers who filled out the form all said just about the same thing, "I'm having trouble arching my back." What did this high-level jumper say? "Getting my hips over."

Everyone is focusing on their backs instead of their hips. Raising your hips is going to get you over the bar...not arching your back. Watch the YouTube video below of Javier Sotomayor (the world record holder) jumping the current indoor record of 2.43 meter (7'11.5").

His back is not terribly arched, but watch the motion just as he gets to the peak of his jump. He hips act as a hinge between his legs and torso. His upper body is over, and right as he hits the peak of his jump, he raises his hips up and over the bar.

NOTE: Arching still helps you get your hips up as high as possible, but don't FOCUS on the arch. When you focus on raising your hips, that puts your legs in a better position to then clear the bar as well.

Now, look at one more thing (and we'll talk about this more in the next email). When his hips pass over the bar, look where is knees are relative to his shoulders. Yeah, his knees are already ABOVE his shoulders...and he hasn't even started to kick his legs yet.

Why? Two things. First, he focused on raising his hips which naturally helps the second thing, his rotation. I won't get started on rotation yet, I'll leave that for the next email, but just remember one thing from this email.

KEY CONCEPT: Instead of worrying how much you arch your back during the jump, focus on raising your hips.

This may not make a huge difference in your jumping this week, but after we talk about rotation it certainly will.

Best of luck!


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