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Secret to the Perfect High Jump Meet & Video Update

Hey Jumpers,

I want you to try something for me, next time you go to practice, find something that you can barely touch when you jump your highest and try to hit it on the way TO practice. After 20 minutes of practice, sneak away for a second and try to touch it again.

I think you'll be shocked at how much higher you'll jump once your legs are warm. For some reason, I missed that memo in all my years of sports. One day I was heading down the hall of my high school to play some ball with friends. I jumped and tried to touch the 10' ceiling to show off a bit and barely nicked it with my finger. After 30 minutes of ball, I went back down the hall, tried to touch it again, and put my palm flat on the ceiling.

The key to the perfect high jump meet is a perfect warmup. Warm legs just jump higher. So what makes a good warmup?

I like a variety of motions. Not just jogging, not just sprinting, not just forwards, not just straight. Basketball is almost a perfect warmup because it gets so many muscles going in so many ways.

For your warmup, take a couple laps around the track and mix in short, fast accelerations, side to side motions, skipping, high knees, etc. You want to get a sweat just starting to form on your brow and then take it easy from there. Basketball drills are a great way to warm up.

Even between your jumps, keep moving, skipping a bit, light high knees, etc. so your legs stay warm. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the difference :)

Now, a very quick video update.

First, the spots for the videos I made keep filling up as fast as I can create them, but I do have another 10-15 ready now:

I also have about 10 DVDs ready to go if you've already snagged the videos:

If you have no idea what I am talking about, read this: ;)

Thanks again guys and gals, and best of luck with your jumping!


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