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Three Answers to Three Important High Jumping Questions

Hey Jumpers,

I had these great plans to go film a local high school meet today and then do a video critique of their jumps for you to watch, but thanks even more snow, more cold, and even some wind...those plans have changed.

However, even though I am inside today, I wanted to answer three extremely popular questions, very important questions, I get over and over again.

Q1: Will high jumping shoes help me jump higher?
A1: Yes and no. The shoes alone will not, but the shoes will allow you, as you build leg strength, to turn more speed into jumping power. You can jump in running shoes to a point, you can jump in sprint spikes, to a point, but there comes a time when you are putting so much force on your plant foot at takeoff you need those heel spikes to keep you from sliding out (or tearing out the heel of your shoe like I did) and possibly injuring yourself.

Affordable options? These shoes on EastBay for $30:

Or just to buy the heel spike set (called a J Heel):

Q2: How important is video review? I go to practice but I usually don't get around to recording my jumps.
A2: It is critical. Being told what you are doing wrong is very different from watching exactly what you are doing wrong. I don't care how you record your jumps - with a cell phone, video camera or digital camera - make sure every time you just you have 2-3 videos to take a look at.

Also, be sure to watch your videos using QuickTime, this will allow you to use the arrow keys on your keyboard to advance through the clip frame by frame and provide a much better analysis of your form. If your files aren't in the right format, go to the link below and convert them to an MOV format to watch them on QuickTime:

Q3: I really want my son to do well jumping this year, what advice do you have?
A3: My advice? Be 100% supportive and make sure that jumping is his decision. Parents, be careful that you aren't pushing your jumper too hard. This is a sport that is very easy to get burned out and frustrated with.

Jumpers, have fun. Don't take jumping too seriously. At meets, get to know the other competitors and cheer them on. When you are enjoying the event, you're relaxed, and when you're relaxed, you'll be jumping higher. Guaranteed.

That's about it, if anyone happens to have control over the weather, please press the "Sunshine and Warm Temps" button for Northern Utah ;)

Thanks guys, best of luck with your jumping!


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