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I went from 5'4" to 6'6" in three months without a coach. Now, learn how I did it.

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Big Vertical, Low PR - After my junior year in high school, I was extremely frustrated. I could dunk a basketball but was consistently being beaten at meets by jumpers with half the vertical and was 10"+ below those with similar "hops" as me.

So, during the off season I studied every film, recorded every meet on TV, frame by frame, comparing it to my technique to figure out what I was doing wrong. Slowly, it all began to come together.

The Breakthrough - When the next season started, I applied what I learned and increased by PR by 14" (5'4" to 6'6") in 3 months and ended the year with a college track scholarship in my pocket.

These videos are how I share all the tricks, tips, and principles I discovered. I can't guanrateee the same results, but I've seem them help me, and hundreds of other jumpers, take their jumping to heights they'd never imagined.

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My Guarantee - Also, after you pay, if you think the videos are completely worthless, just shoot me an email and I'll get you a refund. The last thing I want is for you to be stuck with crappy videos.

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Each section contains three videos to break down the complete high jump process into bite-sized chunks...

Video Set #1
Getting Started
In the first few videos I walk you through some critical mistakes jumpers make and things to watch out for going forward.
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Video Set #2
Creating the Perfect Approach
My biggest mistake was my approach and it's the same for thousands of jumpers. In this section, I walk you through a perfect approach.
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Video Set #3
Take-Off Technique
The take-off motion is hugely misunderstood, especially my younger jumpers. Understanding a few key principles is critical.
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Video Set #4
In-Air Form
Coaches tell their jumpers to "arch their back", but is this a myth? In this section I address this and other issues that prevent successful clearances.
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Video Set #5
Making it Happen At Meets
What good is awesome form if you don't perform well at meets? I share some of my best advice for great meets.
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Video Set #6
BONUS: Video Reviews
I break down a handful of jumpers' form frame-by-frame to bring everything we've talked about together into one package.
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The price listed for the full series includes all of these videos plus an bonus resouces section.

"Gregg! First of all let me pay a well-deserved compliment to you. I have coached football and baseball for 20 years and in that time I have never seen more effective and useful coaching than the 10 minute critique you gave my son Kevin. It was specific and applicable. Thanks! "Last night was the conference meet. He had jumped 5'6" one time in late March. Since then he hasn't cleared 5'2". After applying your suggestions, he cleared 5'8" and missed 5'10" by skimming the bar with his leg on his last attempt.. He was very excited and I am pumped!" Rich & Kevin

"I am proud that my son grabbed a bronze during the biggest school atheletis meet in fiji last two days ago. I would like to kindly thank you for your accurate advice enabling my son to grab a medal during the two days meet." -Joe Keli

"Gregg thanks for the information i just started high jumping last may...i started at 5' 6" then this week after looking at your information this past weekend i jumped for the first time this week to today and set the bar 5' 7" before today i could never get past this height and flew over it like nothing then raised it to 5' 10" struggled for a while then cleared it three times in a row as soon as i got my approach and steps down then right after that i went to 6' and struggled a little again then got it two times in a row." Anthony Cook

"Just wanted to say thanks, and that this is helping like...so much! I beat my PR today at the meet and was so pumped! I got four-two and even though I know I could have done better I was just psyched I made it past four. Thanks so much for all this awesome advice!" Julie Hu

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