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High Jump PR Update and Uber-important Training Tip


Last week when I sent the email wondering if anyone had nailed a new PR yet, I honestly didn't expect any's only January for Pete's sake!

But two people pleasantly surprised me...

Michael said, "Hey I really appreciate these tips so far since I subscribed 3 months ago I've improve 8 inches my personal best is 6'3" thanks a million man." That almost brought a tear to my eye. Great job Michael...keep it up! 6'3", that is tight.

Helen from Victoria, Australia then wrote, "Hi Greg....I am 41 and back into High jump and bought your videos which were wonderful. I have been jumping 1.45cm for months and last week jumped 1.50cm. I have been practicing my run up over and over and over and it all fell into place last week. Thank you again!" No, thank you, Helen, for the email...

How cool is that, 41 and still hitting new PRs!

Ok, on to this week's uber-important training tip, and it deals with video review.

I've said many times that video review is the fastest ways to identify and fix jumping technique...I still believe that. However, there are three things that most people don't do with video review that I would recommend.

1) Try to use a video camera that has a 30 frames per second frame rate. Why? You can slow down the footage and not have be choppy. Letting you see (and fix) more in your technique. I use a Canon HV20 because it films both in HD and 30 FPS...nice.

2) Watch movies in Quicktime Video player. If your videos end up in a format that doesn't play in quicktime, visit and convert it to either "MOV" or "MP4". Why? Quicktime lets you use the left and right arrows to advance the movie one frame a time, letting you see every tiny movement you make...perfectly.

3) Bring a laptop with you while you train so you can download the videos and watch them on a larger screen than your camera offers. I know you can see it "pretty good" on the viewfinder, but do you wan to be a "pretty good" jumper or a great one?

Video review really is uber-important, and if you follow those three tips you will get tons more out of each and every shot.

Keep the PR updates coming! Best of luck to everyone this week!


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