High Jump Season is Almost Here: A Vital Tip (Unless You Like Injuries)

Hey Jumpers,

Wow...mid February already. Love is in the air, same with a few presidents' birthdays (in the states at least), and so is the outdoor track season :)

Today's email will be short, but 100% important to the success of your season. Some of your will start training within a few weeks, maybe even sooner than that. Before then, your tip is to...

...get off your butt and go do something.

I don't care what it is: basketball, jogging, snowshoeing...just get your body active again.

High jumping has some very unnatural movements. Make sure when you get out on the track in a few weeks your body isn't shocked by the the fact that you haven't moved more than to the fridge and back for 6 months.

So, today, tomorrow, and again next week go get your body active again. This will help you prevent some random, early-season injury that will hurt your season before it ever starts.

Best of luck,


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