High Jump Videos...I Totally Forgot!


A high jumper that is subscribed to the newsletter just emailed me wondering why I never talk about my videos.

"Videos? What are they smoking?" I wondered. I don't have any...

Oh, wait...you mean THOSE videos... (http://www.highjumphigher.com/high-jump-videos.html)

So, somehow I completely forget about how last year I spent a week or so putting together a set of videos outlining each step of the high jump. I guess I need more sleep at night...

Now, before you ask about my amazing filmmaking background, these videos were not produced with the latest HD cameras and editing techniques. The videos themselves are very simple...

But the principles and content IN the videos are golden.

I made them because I can only put so much into the newsletter. I have to describe things. With video, I could show you EXACTLY what I meant.

Somehow in the hubbub of the last year I completely forgot about those videos. Anyways, they are $12, so I'm not planning to get rich, but if you are interested in getting your hands on them, click the link below. After you pay it lets you download them instantly.

Here is the link: http://www.highjumphigher.com/high-jump-videos.html

Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks,


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