The Ultimate High Jump Warm-Up Tip


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Do you want to know the secret to jumping your absolute highest at your next meet? Do a good, long warmup. Get those legs working even to the point that you are starting to sweat. Don't wear them out, mind you, but get those muscles warm and loose so the second you step up for your first jump...those legs are ready.

So what is the ultimate warmup tip you ask? Simply this...


Yes, that's right...actually DO a warmup. This does not mean taking 15 jumps before the meet starts, but rather doing some sort of motion to get your legs really working and then trying to keep them warm throughout the meet.

Next time you watch a meet on TV, you probably won't get to see them warmup (not very exciting for most viewers) but every time they take a jump, about 75% of them will head to the bench and put some sweat pants on to keep their legs warm.

Warm legs can increase your jump 2-4" or even more. Next time you play basketball, try to touch the rim before you start playing and see how high you get. After 15 minutes of playing, try again. You'll be shocked at the difference.

So what is the best thing to do for a warmup? I would recommend something like the following:

1) Light jog to get the legs moving again, around 2 laps
2) A little bit of light stretching
3) A fast, high-tempo warmup like short sprints or light
plyometrics, 3-5 minutes
4) A little more stretching
5) More high tempo movements, 3-5 minutes

Remember, don't wear yourself out, you just want to get those muscles warmed up and raring to go. With warm legs, you'll be shocked at the difference from when you didn't warm up.


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