Spring High Jump Tip #2 - Exaggerate


This will just be a quickie but it will be worth every one of the 25.3 seconds it takes to read it.

I've often referred to high jumping as unnatural (not sure why, just doing a flip over a bar from a full sprint) which means that the longer we go without doing it, the trickier it is to start again. Spring is one of those times.

The tip today is to exaggerate your motions: exaggerate your lean through your curve, exaggerate your arm swing drive at takeoff, exaggerate your arch in the air, and exaggerate your kick and knee tuck as you clear.

In fact, exaggerate the running motion as you approach just so you aren't dragging your feet.

Do this right and you'll find that getting back to your old form will be much quicker than years past because you will never have time to form bad, early-season habits.

Best of luck,


P.S. - I guess indoor meets have already started for some people, let me know of any PRs that are falling! That's my favorite part :)

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