Quick Tip to Dominate Track Meets and Update

Hey Jumpers,

The first few track meets of the year have already gone down in many parts of the United Stats (and world). I've been getting the same question, "I am jumping 5'8" in practice but am only jumping 5'4" in meets. Any advice?"

Yes :)

Rest. Most jumpers make the mistake of training hard and jumping hard right up until the day before a meet. Instead, go 60-70% on the effort-meter the two days before a meet. Still work out, but just take it a little easy and let the legs rest. If you have meets every week, only do this for big meets, you'll need the fitness that comes from consistent training every other week.

Then, coming into the meet stay nice and hydrated, and at the meet get your legs nice and warm with some light sprints and such before you start jumping. Fresh legs + warm legs = high jumps.

Second, the videos.

I've had a handful of questions about those. And I am sorry for taking so long to respond to many of them. Here are the big 3:

Q) Why aren't these on DVD?
A) Two reasons. My skills (my efforts with DVD creation in the past have been less than successful :), and updates, if I need to update a video I can just upload a new one. I'll look into the DVD thing more though and see if I can't make that available.

Q) Why do they cost more than the last version?
A) A great question. Mainly for the time I've already taken to work on them. Also, these are also much better videos and I was worried the price wouldn't reflect that.

Q) Can I get a refund if they suck?
A) Sure, the last thing I'd want it for you to be stuck with access to sucky videos :)

That's about it, the link for the full details on the videos is:

Thanks jumpers!


P.S. - I will be out of town for a few days this week. If you send me an email and it takes me a bit longer to reply...you'll know why.

P.P.S. - There are only a few of the 25 spots left! Wow, they filled up quick. Thanks for your support, you guys rock :)

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