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Do I REALLY Need High Jump Spikes?


I get this question a lot, partly because at lower levels no one seems to jump with high jump spikes, partly because good spikes are expensive and hard to find. Let me see if I can't provide a decent answer and solution.

The short answer...yes, you do. At least, if you want to jump your highest.

"Why?" Because high jump shoes are designed to help you jump as high as possible (that is why they are called 'high jump shoes' not 'low jump shoes'). High jump spikes have a stiff sole and set of heel spikes that allow you to take a ton of speed, plant hard, and transfer as much of your speed into upward motion as possible.

"But aren't they expensive?" They can be, yes. My first pair of spikes, however, were $10 on a clearance rack and a local sporting goods store.

"Did you instantly jump higher with them?" Actually, yes, but it was more of training coming together than actual shoe assistance. Soon after buying the shoes I hit a 4" PR.

"I've heard girls don't need high jump shoes as much as men do?" Well, that is partly true. High jump shoes are designed to transfer speed and power into a solid plant and upward drive. Girls tend to fall a little bit lower on the raw power scale when they high jump. Girls jumping in high school are usually OK with just regular track spikes.

"Where can I get shoes for cheap?" I would try or I got my current shoes from Eastbay and loved their service. They sent the wrong size and were really nice about replacing them (not to mentioned they were $80 shoes for $25).

"Are there any other options?" Yeah, there is something called a J-Heel. A J-Heel is simply a set of heel spikes that can be strapped on any pair of normal track spikes. Pretty nifty, but kinda pricey for what you get.

Hope that helps, if you continue jumping in normal spikes, you might be ok, but I hit a point where I tore the heel completely out of my normal spikes and almost killed my ankle before I wised up and got the right equipment. Best of luck!


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