New High Jump Videos Ready, About 25 Available

Hey Jumpers,

Just a quick email this morning to let you know the new high jump instructional videos I have been working on are finished, tested, and ready to roll. Kinda fun for me :)

If you got the email on Friday, and know what's up, you can click this link to get the full details:

What I've done with these new videos is break down each part: prejump, approach, takeoff, clearing the bar, and meets, and taken each individually and talked about the trick to mastering each one.

All of these videos are organized into a snazzy, web-based player so you can watch them whenever you'd like. All in all I think I counted about an hour and a half of total instruction.

So, the price will be $47 later, but for the next couple weeks I've decided on $27. I charge this fee to help recoup a little bit of the time I take off my normal work during the spring to run the newsletter. Here's the link with all the details:

An important thing to mention is that I will only be able to let in about 25 jumpers. My website hosting account can only handle so many videos going at once, so until I can get that figured out I can only have about 25 members. I have no idea if those will sell out or not, the email list is about 2100 strong, so if you want to sign up I probably wouldn't wait too long.

Just FYI, you get access to these videos forever. During checkout it says "1 Year" but that is not a recurring fee and I couldn't set it up any other way. Thanks for your support, best of luck!


P.S. - As I mentioned in the email on Friday, the goal of this newsletter is not to make money. So don't worry, you'll still get fabulous high jumping tips and tricks even if you or no one buys a single one :)

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